Wednesday, January 20, 2010

You do it well, I'm under your spell

valentino circa late 1960's

alber elbaz for lanvin

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Antique photographs,
((When you bring someone into your mind every day for years, after a while they just come into your thoughts because you're so used to bringing them there))
Ideas must come from somewhere, inspiration is needed toujours.
Can you have an idea without first being inspired by some other idea?
Paradoxical, really
Artistically, nostalgia is necessary- the forgotten all the more important
Emotions. I guess they're there for a reason.
I could just float away.
Smell can trigger such vivid memories
Then I recall my childhood,
Alee's soft purple sheets and our power ranger pajamas from another life
Now I can bail, I can spend, I can say fuck you and I can fight
Rose flavored champagne? And diamond rain
Enormous eyed children that just don't speak
We cry out of passion, New York, oppressive heat
Life is exquisite.