Tuesday, December 22, 2009

be cheerful the holidays are here!

I would like to watch this bunny hop around on my bed. I think it would be presh.
The worn-in cozy pants and super soft sweaters below are perfect to wear on a cool day in Miami in December. I want to roll around in daisy fields until dusk wearing these clothes.
I adore this kitten. Real or fake? No one knows. Obsessed. It's name would be Benedict and it would play with Meliz's puffy, tiny, orange persian cat named Barbara.
I don't know who makes these shoes but they are curious items. Lovely, in a slightly odd way.
Enjoy the cold weather and wrap up in cozy cardigans, big feather pillows, mexican hot cocoa, and watch the snow fall (((I WISH IT WAS SNOWING)))

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

an outfit for- New Years at Plaza Athenee

joys of the good life

So, what it do baby boo (unicorn lovers and dream fairies)? yes, that is hijacked from Alee but honestly it sounds better than whatup, whats good, etc. Anywayzzz, lately I've been marveling in the Miami sun, the cheap, cheap American dollar (I Looooove it), and lavender- clearly my favorite color (btw these are some of my fav items of the lavender season), also I am looking for some frilly lavender socks to pop out over my grey doc martens that look exactly like the ones below ((only grey)). I specifically want the panties and bow from below as well. Those sticks aren't half bad either.

Sitting in my bed now, Its got me thinking about beds and luxurious ones at that- the bed in my room is about ten inches off the ground (good in the first place, because i looove to be high up) it's got four posters draped in huge pink roses, dark purple silk, Indian orange iridescent fabric, a huge purple and feather dreamcatcher, a pink ostrich boa (think along the lines of Satine's elephant in Moulin Rouge), my childhood cutie lion, a few crystals and Indian charms and lavender Pratesi sheets (the best in the world according to me), along with that it's covered in a huge white down comforter (genius in Miami, right?) and on top of that ANOTHER down comforter with a reversible dark pink and orange duvet. The pillows are huge and feathery and I basically feel like a princess as I lounge in it at this very moment. I think it's very important to have a comfortable bed because besides from that fact that it is where you spend half your life (and if you're me you spend three quarters of your life) it's where you dream, and dreams can't be as lucid, colorful, and delicious if you are not in the most luscious bed possible. Another thing that really adds to my room is the Ula Darni lamp above my bed. Ms. Darni is a very special and talented artist who makes gorgeous hanging lamps and chandeliers and hand paints magnificent, colorful flowers and designs on the inside of the lamps. When they are illuminated the colors are brighter by tenfold and just all together fabulous. Below is a photo of a room which I just adore, I think its Gala Darling's or maybe Rita Konig's.

Missing Paris, I somehow came across in one of my blogging extravaganza's this utterly delicious looking macaron, yes macaron hamburger. It's the size of a quarter and tastes just like a normal burger, but bite-sized, precious, and tiny like my favorite French dessert.

Hats can be cool to rock if you have the right style, but I've been on the fence about them for a bit actually. I really like the ones featured below and I was out shopping the other day when I came across a fabulous black lace rimmed bowler kind of hat with a bow on it. Can you say TOTES PRESH? I didn't get it at the time because it was a bit pricey but now I'm thinking I kind of want to go back for it. Don't topple over if you wanna rock the Marie Antoinette hair!
So anyone who knows me knows that American Apparel is kind of the staple of my closet, mainly because it is so easy to mix and match, the colors are DIVINE, the clothes fit like a glove and they are not crazy expensive. Recently I heard that they were having an AmAp rummage sale in the Design District on Friday so of course I am going, but 5,000 people have already RSVP'ed making me think that this is going to be some sample sale-like day with a CRAZYYY line and even nuttier hipsters. Oh, and the best part- whomever can scramble for what they want gets it at the HUGELY discounted price of $2-7. YES, folks you are hearing right, 85% off. My heart is tingling from the joy of that statement. I can only hope they have the hot pink lace leotard with a snap bottom when I get there.
Now people, don't forget to adopt a bunny if possible and glitter yourself daily!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

fairy goo and glitter

First off- check this awesomeness out..Raz showed me and I think this plane could really be coined magical~

Also, I've been thinking about the connection between indigo children and the rainbow family of living light lately and I think I would really benefit from going to one of the rainbow gatherings over the summer (a rainbow gathering is kind of like a gathering of a ton of hippies/hobos/dream lovers/explorers and sky searchers for one month out of the summer. They go camping in the forest, set up teepees or tents, build campfires, eat organic delicious food, play music, attend yoga classes, dance and take drugs.) I think this could be a highly beneficial summer choice. Also, I'm thinking of maybe escaping somewhere to write and explore creativity completely alone..kind of Thoreau-like.

I'm super excited to know about the Northern Lights and I'm really hoping to make a voyage to Finland next semester to see them and stay in an Ice hotel. Belle taught me about them and told me my closet reminded her of a clothing version of the Northern Lights.

I'm also totes mcgoats reconsidering fashion school apres SLC.

I need to buy a rainbow maker but this time a real one with crystals. I'm also debating between getting myself the Blackberry Tour for a holiday gift or the new iPhone. I've always been an iPhone girl and I'm leaning more towards that.

I think I may go to Grassroots in Ithaca with Amy this summer as well.

I'm so stoked I got this nice new chair from Olivia today for my Paris room and its beautifffful and wooden and leather and just luscious.

I want to wear red lipstick all the time. I think I may make it my new look. I've also gotten really into thigh high stockings since I've been living in Paris. They were kind of olden days-y for a while but now I'm thinking of bringing them back. I love the lace and delicacy of them. Despite the absurd prices (40 euros for a pair of tights) I adore Wolford.

I really want to eat some oysters. I've never had them.

Also, does anyone know where I can locate a converter that lets a French phone plug into an American wall? I really should be going to sleep now because I have to be up at 5 am to catch a flight from Paris to Miami. I will be in Miami for the next month. I wonder what I shall do to ring in the 2010 New Years? I can say that I am disappointed to let another year go by and miss the ball drop in person in NYC.

Have a Cartier filled first day of Hanukkah and don't forget to enjoy some very strong eggnog!

I shall leave you lovely readers with this.. the first of Joni Mitchell and David Crosby and the rest are my own creations.

paris is in the background, bonjour miami

Since I've been in Paris I adore lingerie.

And lambs, but that's not a Paris thing, that's a life thing.

Time to bounce.

Photo cred- Craig McDean (last one)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

We sit and I watch you blow O's

italian cities of interest

tuscany (siena)- exceptional vino (fonterutilly)
lake como


Friday, November 13, 2009

shimmering gold

Look up at the infinite blue
Left is river, right is river,
A bridge to get you past
Twelve birds flying a bit away
It should be colder but it isn't
It's late afternoon, dusk
This world feels like magic,
if you turned you should have
There's too much chocolate
You know what to do, when you move it moves too

(description, peut-etre?)
An autumn day in Paris


latest most gorgeous discovery:

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I was just in Amsterdam where I nearly fell over with happiness every time I stepped outside. I ate things like this-

Then I went to Barcelona which was quite pleasant in a different way. Night life there is wayy crayyy- so is this

Friday, October 16, 2009

autumn blew the quilt right off of the perfect bed she made

There are sailing ships that pass
All our bodies in the grass


I feel newly calm
more on edge, but seamlessly made- together and ends tied
I can barely see the flame glittering behind me
Pale blue and gray everywhere else

I suppose I've been drawing all day, I feel kind of dreamy today
Caught up in books, journals, sketches and the Almost Famous soundtrack
I like the idea of bodies drawn onto photographs
I can't think of an image that would work with this particular blog update
but maybe this?
hm. interesting.
Anyway, I'm not sure what last night really consisted of..
Too much wine for sure.
That would be thanks to Jess- pshh
Oh by the way, I forgot to mention that I'm in Paris
It's been awhile.
I feel like I need to go draw more

Monday, July 6, 2009

kittens and children

I feel like all I do is play with kittens and small children
I feel cuddly
I am 20. 
I watched fireworks on a beach
Whiskey spilled onto the sand like sticky molasses
The kittens smell the coffee brewing in the mornings, or no, its the little girl 
Sometimes I think the little girl is like a kitten
Since I got to New York it has been movement
Its 3:43 am in Paris
9:43 pm in New York
blush violet-

Friday, June 26, 2009

handle bar moustaches

eerie, michigan

lake eerie
miami, fl

Monday, June 15, 2009

Why are we not in paradise? (sarah nicole)

The candlelight warms the room, no the apartment, it's so small the entirety is glowing
I was just thinking about you, and you were- (in response) made a response
Things line up I guess? 
Tangled in my own rays of sunshine, seaweed wraps summer sea-salt
Flowers, frosting and late night trysts
So many chapels, so little spirit
Catches in the summer (the fireworks were explosive)
Tilting heads in the orange glow, summer evening
Movement plays webs with the shadows in the light
Insurmountable inconsistence is completely accurate. 

((Listening to fall on my knees- Sam Amidon))

Sunday, June 7, 2009

whatup nyc..

summer 2009- new york city

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Come so far..

As I sit here in my bed in Miami, I contemplate how very far I have come, literally, in the past 10 days
When I began in New York I was starry eyed, excited, perhaps dusty?
We pulled away and as the speed picked up so did our imaginations, instinct for something new
From New York we cruised through desolate New Jersey, quickly passing through to Pennsylvania
We stopped in Erie, PA on our first night,the sky was illuminated with the lights of fast food restaurants
Other than that we pretty much did what we always did, that being the comfort
What surprised me the most about driving cross country were the great farms, absolutely extraordinary
We ate at an old warf in Erie, right on the lake, I was so sunburned
You could almost break the sky into soaring blue seperations, blinding, so bright but yellow- sunshiney
Then Kalamazoo, Michigan..the place I chose..
But that day of driving was pure pleasure, nothing but wind and forest.
We pulled off to the side and found these breathtaking woods, there was a sand path
We walked down it and it lead to to the most gorgeous beach I have ever witnessed.
On the Great Lake Erie.
Coinciding with the forest
We skipped stones, found sea glass and one of us left her phone behind
It was almost too stunningly perfect
As we kept going we reached Middle America, we were searching for something..
We stopped in Chicago which was absolutley brilliant
Two days
Then the Wisocnsin Dells, waterparks. Dirty and crowded.
But how beautful the Wisconsin landscapes are, how scenic
Finally we were at our final destination in Minneapolis.
Minnesota, I can say with 100% certainty has the nicest people in the country. Period.
Now I'm back in Miami.
I feel like there is so much more to say to describe the road trip but I will say it was amazing, more freedom than you could imagine.
It feels so fucking good to have nothing to HAVE to do, nothing to anticipate.
I felt suspended in time, hanging in a land where the sun doesn't set and the beauty stretches on forever.
I know sunglasses fuzzed my vision and joints clouded my mind, but each moment was a tiny memory.
Feel Flows- The Beach Boys on Sunflower/Surf's Up
"I'm gonna make a lot of money, then I'm gonna quit this crazy scene
I wish I had a river that I could skate away on"
-Joni Mitchell, River

Monday, May 18, 2009

I want THIS-

The Watson Scholarship is a one year grant, for independent study, and travel outside the United Stats, awarded to graduating college seniors, nominated by participating institutions.

A girl from Carleton College for the Watson Fellowship
Dyeing to See:
Exploring Color and Craftsmanship through Natural Dyeing

Japan, India, France, Mali, Peru
Letting indigo guide my path, I will explore color and natural dyeing before this ancient art vanishes. I will see color as different peoples do and experience what it means to be a craftsperson as I spin, dye, and live with artisans in Japan, India, France, Mali, and Peru.

This is Parfait-I would do my project all about fabrics and choose,
Nimes, France
Kathmandu, Nepal
Tibet Tunisia OR Morocco
an ashram in India
Tokyo, Japan


Justin and I are having a sleepover!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

pretty sweet. haha. summer candy..


Yarn Story: Summer Candy

Summer Candy closeupThis week's yarn story is brought to you from my 9 year old daughter Natalie, who has her own tale to tell...

I was coming home from school and saw my mother dyeing with her friends. I asked if I could dye something. Mom gave me some white wool [pencil roving] and asked me what colors I wanted. I picked purple, pink, and blue. Mom already had the dyes mixed up. I painted them onto my wool, lots of purple, a little pink and one dab of blue. We wrapped it up [in plastic wrap] and put it in the microwave. 

[Amelia: We use my non-food 
dyeing microwave, 2 minutes on, 2 off, 2 on, 2 off, 2 on to set the dye, which was Cushing's Acid dyes, mordanted with white vinegar in the dye liquor.]

After a couple of weeks, I spun it on my mom's Journey Wheel. That was my favorite wheel until she got me a Pocket Wheel [so I can have my JW back...says mom!]

Summer Candy
Natalie is quite an exploratory artist -- she loves trying new things. Natalie loves spinning pencil roving, because she can "just spin" and not worry about drafting. Though she's getting in more practice with drafting, she'll still pick pencil roving over regular roving, so she can get yarn on the bobbin as quickly as possible.

Spinning pencil roving without drafting can be more of a challenge for the experienced spinner, actually -- we build habits as spinners, and one of them is the feel of the tug of fibers between our hands, i.e., drafting. Spinning pencil roving without drafting is a good way to learn to spin thicker singles. Reset your inner drafting-barometer to zero, and then try to draft less, the next time you pick up regular roving.

The second challenge is putting in a minimal amount of twist so that it is yarn, but not high twist -- especially if, like Natalie, you don't plan to ply. She has a natural knack for not putting in too much twist; in part because we set her wheel at a low ratio, and partly because she tries not to treadle super-speedy.

Natalie enjoyed spinning Summer Candy, and is happy to think that someone may knit, crochet, or weave it into their scarf, hat, tote, or even sweater, so we've put it up on our Etsy shop, 
By Our Hands. It's Corriedale wool, 19 yards at 6 wraps per inch, 1 ounce. All of her earnings go to her "France Fund", for her planned trip there when she turns 18.

The end...the Move out. Today's the Day.

Find me a Daisy field please!?! Someone! (I know Raz hates hearing about this--you can't just google a daisy field)

Done all I can do
Seek peace with you
Can't get along this way
Gone, oh, sugar baby now

Today Is the last day of my sophomore year of college.
My roommate is leaving today and it's supremely bizarre.
I just woke up and I feel as though I'm still somewhat dreaming
It's nine-thirty. AM.
Maybe, it's that I was just pulled from a dream into a strange reality
It's so foggy that I can barely see five feet in front of my window. 
Yesterday I saw a fan in someone's room in Kober, and I thought it was a star. 
Yesterday was clear skies.
I guess we stayed a long, long time.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Spring over sky stretched like liquid Gumby.

Whilst the summer begins to stretch over the eternal wilderness like a turquoise Gumby
A heavy, drippy, covered feeling trickles through everyone
The sunshine rays continue to cling and twinkle to everything in their path 
The sky, when you look up is infinite. 
The most perfect juxtaposition to the ground as you can get.
Imagine the tiniest fraction of color but then quickly, as if falling down Alice's Rabbit Hole, the color changes. It opens up into a spider web of different fractions. Like Stained Glass. I love creating art words. It reminds me of my Kaleidoscope. 

Everyone should listen to the song "Wildwood Flower" by Joan Baez while looking at this blog,  but more importantly "Fall on my knees" by Sam Amidon (he went to Sarah Lawrence)

Anyway I've been moving out of my Bronxville apartment today and I am exhaustedddd.
Goodnight all. 

Thursday, May 14, 2009

You've got your diamonds and you've got your pretty bows

Have you ever thought about what litters the ground?
I adore bells and wooden beads. I think I could be in a band where all I have to do is tinker with bells and maybe play the tambourine. I would love that. How marvelous.

Anyway, the ground is littered. Always. With cigarette butts, puddles, cobblestone, graves, tiny flowers, in the springtime-petals, each step is a dream especially when your head is always down. For some reason my eyes always reach for the ground and lately I've been pulling in every color, shape, and worlds litter. If my eyes are towards the floor, my head is surely somewhere up in the clouds. If you actually think about it each person contributes to the art of the worlds floor. Everywhere you go it is different, but somehow the same. Squares, shapes and shadows flow over the ground as fluidly as through ones own mind. It's also what people walk on which means everything on the ground is ever changing, evolving and full of movement. 
Curious. A lot goes onto the floor. 

As we see it the ground may well be the most special and wonderful piece of art on Earth, for we all contribute and make it beautiful. Nothing hinders the fact that any part of the Earth's floor or surface is valuable or was at some point to some person. -Just some thoughts to reflect on for the day. 

Finally found a throw away camera that was given away at the Sarah Lawrence midnight breakfast.
Of course I shot all the pictures within 20 minutes but they're all of the ground and/or surfaces
New photo posts when I have them printed. 
For now.