Wednesday, December 16, 2009

joys of the good life

So, what it do baby boo (unicorn lovers and dream fairies)? yes, that is hijacked from Alee but honestly it sounds better than whatup, whats good, etc. Anywayzzz, lately I've been marveling in the Miami sun, the cheap, cheap American dollar (I Looooove it), and lavender- clearly my favorite color (btw these are some of my fav items of the lavender season), also I am looking for some frilly lavender socks to pop out over my grey doc martens that look exactly like the ones below ((only grey)). I specifically want the panties and bow from below as well. Those sticks aren't half bad either.

Sitting in my bed now, Its got me thinking about beds and luxurious ones at that- the bed in my room is about ten inches off the ground (good in the first place, because i looove to be high up) it's got four posters draped in huge pink roses, dark purple silk, Indian orange iridescent fabric, a huge purple and feather dreamcatcher, a pink ostrich boa (think along the lines of Satine's elephant in Moulin Rouge), my childhood cutie lion, a few crystals and Indian charms and lavender Pratesi sheets (the best in the world according to me), along with that it's covered in a huge white down comforter (genius in Miami, right?) and on top of that ANOTHER down comforter with a reversible dark pink and orange duvet. The pillows are huge and feathery and I basically feel like a princess as I lounge in it at this very moment. I think it's very important to have a comfortable bed because besides from that fact that it is where you spend half your life (and if you're me you spend three quarters of your life) it's where you dream, and dreams can't be as lucid, colorful, and delicious if you are not in the most luscious bed possible. Another thing that really adds to my room is the Ula Darni lamp above my bed. Ms. Darni is a very special and talented artist who makes gorgeous hanging lamps and chandeliers and hand paints magnificent, colorful flowers and designs on the inside of the lamps. When they are illuminated the colors are brighter by tenfold and just all together fabulous. Below is a photo of a room which I just adore, I think its Gala Darling's or maybe Rita Konig's.

Missing Paris, I somehow came across in one of my blogging extravaganza's this utterly delicious looking macaron, yes macaron hamburger. It's the size of a quarter and tastes just like a normal burger, but bite-sized, precious, and tiny like my favorite French dessert.

Hats can be cool to rock if you have the right style, but I've been on the fence about them for a bit actually. I really like the ones featured below and I was out shopping the other day when I came across a fabulous black lace rimmed bowler kind of hat with a bow on it. Can you say TOTES PRESH? I didn't get it at the time because it was a bit pricey but now I'm thinking I kind of want to go back for it. Don't topple over if you wanna rock the Marie Antoinette hair!
So anyone who knows me knows that American Apparel is kind of the staple of my closet, mainly because it is so easy to mix and match, the colors are DIVINE, the clothes fit like a glove and they are not crazy expensive. Recently I heard that they were having an AmAp rummage sale in the Design District on Friday so of course I am going, but 5,000 people have already RSVP'ed making me think that this is going to be some sample sale-like day with a CRAZYYY line and even nuttier hipsters. Oh, and the best part- whomever can scramble for what they want gets it at the HUGELY discounted price of $2-7. YES, folks you are hearing right, 85% off. My heart is tingling from the joy of that statement. I can only hope they have the hot pink lace leotard with a snap bottom when I get there.
Now people, don't forget to adopt a bunny if possible and glitter yourself daily!

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