Saturday, December 12, 2009

fairy goo and glitter

First off- check this awesomeness out..Raz showed me and I think this plane could really be coined magical~

Also, I've been thinking about the connection between indigo children and the rainbow family of living light lately and I think I would really benefit from going to one of the rainbow gatherings over the summer (a rainbow gathering is kind of like a gathering of a ton of hippies/hobos/dream lovers/explorers and sky searchers for one month out of the summer. They go camping in the forest, set up teepees or tents, build campfires, eat organic delicious food, play music, attend yoga classes, dance and take drugs.) I think this could be a highly beneficial summer choice. Also, I'm thinking of maybe escaping somewhere to write and explore creativity completely alone..kind of Thoreau-like.

I'm super excited to know about the Northern Lights and I'm really hoping to make a voyage to Finland next semester to see them and stay in an Ice hotel. Belle taught me about them and told me my closet reminded her of a clothing version of the Northern Lights.

I'm also totes mcgoats reconsidering fashion school apres SLC.

I need to buy a rainbow maker but this time a real one with crystals. I'm also debating between getting myself the Blackberry Tour for a holiday gift or the new iPhone. I've always been an iPhone girl and I'm leaning more towards that.

I think I may go to Grassroots in Ithaca with Amy this summer as well.

I'm so stoked I got this nice new chair from Olivia today for my Paris room and its beautifffful and wooden and leather and just luscious.

I want to wear red lipstick all the time. I think I may make it my new look. I've also gotten really into thigh high stockings since I've been living in Paris. They were kind of olden days-y for a while but now I'm thinking of bringing them back. I love the lace and delicacy of them. Despite the absurd prices (40 euros for a pair of tights) I adore Wolford.

I really want to eat some oysters. I've never had them.

Also, does anyone know where I can locate a converter that lets a French phone plug into an American wall? I really should be going to sleep now because I have to be up at 5 am to catch a flight from Paris to Miami. I will be in Miami for the next month. I wonder what I shall do to ring in the 2010 New Years? I can say that I am disappointed to let another year go by and miss the ball drop in person in NYC.

Have a Cartier filled first day of Hanukkah and don't forget to enjoy some very strong eggnog!

I shall leave you lovely readers with this.. the first of Joni Mitchell and David Crosby and the rest are my own creations.

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