Tuesday, December 22, 2009

be cheerful the holidays are here!

I would like to watch this bunny hop around on my bed. I think it would be presh.
The worn-in cozy pants and super soft sweaters below are perfect to wear on a cool day in Miami in December. I want to roll around in daisy fields until dusk wearing these clothes.
I adore this kitten. Real or fake? No one knows. Obsessed. It's name would be Benedict and it would play with Meliz's puffy, tiny, orange persian cat named Barbara.
I don't know who makes these shoes but they are curious items. Lovely, in a slightly odd way.
Enjoy the cold weather and wrap up in cozy cardigans, big feather pillows, mexican hot cocoa, and watch the snow fall (((I WISH IT WAS SNOWING)))

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