Monday, May 18, 2009

I want THIS-

The Watson Scholarship is a one year grant, for independent study, and travel outside the United Stats, awarded to graduating college seniors, nominated by participating institutions.

A girl from Carleton College for the Watson Fellowship
Dyeing to See:
Exploring Color and Craftsmanship through Natural Dyeing

Japan, India, France, Mali, Peru
Letting indigo guide my path, I will explore color and natural dyeing before this ancient art vanishes. I will see color as different peoples do and experience what it means to be a craftsperson as I spin, dye, and live with artisans in Japan, India, France, Mali, and Peru.

This is Parfait-I would do my project all about fabrics and choose,
Nimes, France
Kathmandu, Nepal
Tibet Tunisia OR Morocco
an ashram in India
Tokyo, Japan


Justin and I are having a sleepover!

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