Thursday, May 14, 2009

I would like to go to Kathmandu

Every time I think of the Far East I envision extremely tall mountains.
It's funny how people associate.
The above photo was taken by Doveman in Kathmandu, Nepal
It seems to be a place of peace, joy and spirituality
How much would it cost to backpack around the Far East? 
From India, to Tibet, Nepal, the Philippines, Indonesia, definitely Lebanon
From Bangladesh to Bangkok.
Mt. Everest anyone??

The lure of these places- enchanting
Maybe it's because I am a child of travel

A spritual journey that one could never experience unless they experience it-
I feel very inarticulate about the reasons I feel drawn to this part of the world. 

Need to change the music.
Now Darjeeling. Maybe it's Wes Andersons fault. 
But first Paris. Le Francaise. 
Each portion of the world shall gradually be explored, uncovered as I become all the wiser with every step.

The petals fall and so don't forget.

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