Thursday, May 14, 2009

You've got your diamonds and you've got your pretty bows

Have you ever thought about what litters the ground?
I adore bells and wooden beads. I think I could be in a band where all I have to do is tinker with bells and maybe play the tambourine. I would love that. How marvelous.

Anyway, the ground is littered. Always. With cigarette butts, puddles, cobblestone, graves, tiny flowers, in the springtime-petals, each step is a dream especially when your head is always down. For some reason my eyes always reach for the ground and lately I've been pulling in every color, shape, and worlds litter. If my eyes are towards the floor, my head is surely somewhere up in the clouds. If you actually think about it each person contributes to the art of the worlds floor. Everywhere you go it is different, but somehow the same. Squares, shapes and shadows flow over the ground as fluidly as through ones own mind. It's also what people walk on which means everything on the ground is ever changing, evolving and full of movement. 
Curious. A lot goes onto the floor. 

As we see it the ground may well be the most special and wonderful piece of art on Earth, for we all contribute and make it beautiful. Nothing hinders the fact that any part of the Earth's floor or surface is valuable or was at some point to some person. -Just some thoughts to reflect on for the day. 

Finally found a throw away camera that was given away at the Sarah Lawrence midnight breakfast.
Of course I shot all the pictures within 20 minutes but they're all of the ground and/or surfaces
New photo posts when I have them printed. 
For now. 

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