Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Come so far..

As I sit here in my bed in Miami, I contemplate how very far I have come, literally, in the past 10 days
When I began in New York I was starry eyed, excited, perhaps dusty?
We pulled away and as the speed picked up so did our imaginations, instinct for something new
From New York we cruised through desolate New Jersey, quickly passing through to Pennsylvania
We stopped in Erie, PA on our first night,the sky was illuminated with the lights of fast food restaurants
Other than that we pretty much did what we always did, that being the comfort
What surprised me the most about driving cross country were the great farms, absolutely extraordinary
We ate at an old warf in Erie, right on the lake, I was so sunburned
You could almost break the sky into soaring blue seperations, blinding, so bright but yellow- sunshiney
Then Kalamazoo, Michigan..the place I chose..
But that day of driving was pure pleasure, nothing but wind and forest.
We pulled off to the side and found these breathtaking woods, there was a sand path
We walked down it and it lead to to the most gorgeous beach I have ever witnessed.
On the Great Lake Erie.
Coinciding with the forest
We skipped stones, found sea glass and one of us left her phone behind
It was almost too stunningly perfect
As we kept going we reached Middle America, we were searching for something..
We stopped in Chicago which was absolutley brilliant
Two days
Then the Wisocnsin Dells, waterparks. Dirty and crowded.
But how beautful the Wisconsin landscapes are, how scenic
Finally we were at our final destination in Minneapolis.
Minnesota, I can say with 100% certainty has the nicest people in the country. Period.
Now I'm back in Miami.
I feel like there is so much more to say to describe the road trip but I will say it was amazing, more freedom than you could imagine.
It feels so fucking good to have nothing to HAVE to do, nothing to anticipate.
I felt suspended in time, hanging in a land where the sun doesn't set and the beauty stretches on forever.
I know sunglasses fuzzed my vision and joints clouded my mind, but each moment was a tiny memory.
Feel Flows- The Beach Boys on Sunflower/Surf's Up
"I'm gonna make a lot of money, then I'm gonna quit this crazy scene
I wish I had a river that I could skate away on"
-Joni Mitchell, River

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