Friday, May 15, 2009

Spring over sky stretched like liquid Gumby.

Whilst the summer begins to stretch over the eternal wilderness like a turquoise Gumby
A heavy, drippy, covered feeling trickles through everyone
The sunshine rays continue to cling and twinkle to everything in their path 
The sky, when you look up is infinite. 
The most perfect juxtaposition to the ground as you can get.
Imagine the tiniest fraction of color but then quickly, as if falling down Alice's Rabbit Hole, the color changes. It opens up into a spider web of different fractions. Like Stained Glass. I love creating art words. It reminds me of my Kaleidoscope. 

Everyone should listen to the song "Wildwood Flower" by Joan Baez while looking at this blog,  but more importantly "Fall on my knees" by Sam Amidon (he went to Sarah Lawrence)

Anyway I've been moving out of my Bronxville apartment today and I am exhaustedddd.
Goodnight all. 

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