Friday, October 16, 2009

autumn blew the quilt right off of the perfect bed she made

There are sailing ships that pass
All our bodies in the grass

I feel newly calm
more on edge, but seamlessly made- together and ends tied
I can barely see the flame glittering behind me
Pale blue and gray everywhere else

I suppose I've been drawing all day, I feel kind of dreamy today
Caught up in books, journals, sketches and the Almost Famous soundtrack
I like the idea of bodies drawn onto photographs
I can't think of an image that would work with this particular blog update
but maybe this?
hm. interesting.
Anyway, I'm not sure what last night really consisted of..
Too much wine for sure.
That would be thanks to Jess- pshh
Oh by the way, I forgot to mention that I'm in Paris
It's been awhile.
I feel like I need to go draw more

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