Monday, May 3, 2010

and i suppose there will be days like this

I just feel like this blog has become so anticlimactic. I don't know. I have been having the most troubling difficulties writing as of the past couple of months. I suppose writers block does exist. I mean, I was always a bit dubious about the whole "writers block" phenomenon- I'm not really the type to contract a disease like that or even accept it as a possibility. But it's true. Creativity comes in waves, sometimes you can't write things- you just need to live them. It's not like I don't have interesting things going on- exactly the opposite. I left Paris for good (as much as it pains me to say for good, it is true) about a week ago. I was in New York at good old SLC for a week which was a refreshing integration back into normal life. I returned to my home city of Miami yesterday and of course its been inexplicably comforting. I am here for four days then off to Denver to visit my love Austin for a week then back home for a bit and off to INDIA! geez. eez ez. OH OH and omg omg I saw the best thing ever at Sarah Lawrence. One night Raz, Sarah and I were kickin it behind the music building and we saw WILD BUNNIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omgzzzzzz. best. moment. ever. clearly. So now I'm here and stuff and I don't really know. Life is flowin.

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