Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sun Drenched Summer

Listening to: Charu's Theme From Satyajit Ray's Film Charulata
As you may have noticed,
one of the first times I posted on this blog I declared my dream to travel.
India was at the top of my list,
one my dreams of travel is finally being realized as I depart to this magnificent faraway land.
Two days from now I will be adjacent to the Indian Ocean
In grapefruit sunsets I'll be engulfed.
I will be ecstatic regardless of anything, because I'll be in India-
If you can't tell I'm beyond excited!
Darjeeling is on repeat..tout le temps :)
Oh and today was marvelous. As one of my last American Days I broke into the Ritz beach, I ate delicious Sir pizza and I swam in my infinite blue backyard.
I love jooyyyy

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